Thursday, March 31, 2011

March - This Month in Reading

Last month I neglected to specify a certain number of books that I should read in March, but I did ban myself from the library and restrict my reading to books I had previously purchased from their book sale shelves. I am happy to say that I managed to make that goal. I read 16 books this month, all of which were Library Sale books, representing a total of US $9.00 spent for all of those books (2 hardcovers at $1 each and 14 paperbacks for 50 cents each - I love book bargains!). Two of these books were from the official TBR Pile Challenge List, and I was able to add some books to my other challenges as well. I also joined another challenge in March, the Color Coded Reading Challenge, and was able to use a book I read this month in that challenge as well.

For April, I would like to read at least 10 books on top of rereading as many of the Harry Potter books as I can to make points for the Hogwarts Challenge. I wasn't able to read any HP books in March because of some home improvement activities that have had my bookshelves covered with plastic but I should be able to access all of my books now (and I have missed them so!). I would also like to read at least one book for each of my other challenges to keep that on track.

I get to go back to the library tomorrow - hooray! I have a list of specific books to look for, a bag of books to redonate to their sale shelves, and a couple bucks to spend on some new (to me) books if there are good ones on the sale shelves. I can't wait!

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