Saturday, April 30, 2011

April - This Month in Reading

Work went crazy in the last 2 weeks of April for me and it seriously curtailed my reading. In my post for March, I said I wanted to read at least 10 books on top of rereading as many of the Harry Potter books as I could to make points for the Hogwarts Challenge. In April I actually managed to read 18 books (really? I didn't think it was that many), only 1 of which was a Harry Potter book. I did read a few books for a few challenges, but didn't read any for others and I even got behind on the War and Peace challenge. 

So for May, I want to finish up the library books I currently have checked out, and definitely read at least one book for every challenge, as well as reading multiple Harry Potter books and other books for the Hogwarts Challenge. I also want to get and stay caught up in War and Peace. My goal is to do another library ban for June so as to read more books that I have managed to bring home and/or books that have been around for a while and need reading. 

How was your reading this month? 

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