Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May - This Month in Reading

I know I probably say this every month, but time is seriously flying by. I can't believe it's already June - it really seems like just yesterday when I was creating this blog and signing up for a bunch of challenges, etc., and now it's already 90 degrees F (32+ C) outside. I am not a fan of summer at all, but at least we are now closer to my favorite season, fall (autumn)!

For May, I wanted to finish up all library books and read at least one book for every challenge, as well as read multiple Harry Potter books and other books for the Hogwarts Challenge. I also wanted to get and stay caught up in War and Peace. I did manage to finish all the library books I had checked out and read 2 Harry Potter books, and I did read some books for other challenges, but didn't get one for each challenge in as I'd hoped, and I did fall behind in War and Peace. I managed to read 15 books in May, not too bad all things considered.

For June, I am putting all my reading eggs into the Hogwarts Challenge basket. I need to read the last 4 Harry Potter books, and I want to participate in the current mini-challenge after missing the others - I need to get some points for Hufflepuff! So all books I read in June will be for the Hogwarts Challenge (except War and Peace chapters to stay caught up), and there will be no library books either - it's all going to be books from the to-be-read shelves, etc. I know this will make the first official month of summer go by quickly - and I have a special reading theme planned for July, which I'm really excited about, so while I try to keep cool this summer I will be having fun reading! Hooray!

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