Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Necromancer's House - Christopher Buehlman

One of these days I'm going to just resign my fangirl reader membership and get it over with. Why, you might ask? Because despite being a big fan of many writers, I have a bad habit of not getting ahold of and devouring their latest books ASAP. Part of it is that I am trying not to accumulate new books at too fast of a pace, since I am always staring into the unforgiving jaws of a physical TBR pile (which is slowly but surely shrinking!). Another dumb thing I started doing was trying to "save" highly anticipated books as rewards for getting through other books that I had thought I wanted to read but then ended up balking at reading (maybe I "wasn't [ever] in the mood" for reading that particular book, or it was something that I thought I should read but was afraid it might be dull, etc.). Another reason is that I am out of the loop and don't always hear about new releases; I guess I need to work on that. Recommendations welcome!

This book was one of those "save it as a reward" books - I've had it for what seems like ages, but I kept waiting to read it, thinking I needed to read more of the other books that have been on the pile longer, or whatever. And while I still have a pile to whittle down, I am going to do my best to prioritize future reading using my fangirl tendencies, because readers, Christopher Buehlman is dope (in the "synonym for amazing, awesome, cool, fantastic, wonderful, etc." sense). He is the only horror author worth reading, in my opinion, and he's the only one I will willingly read. There is no tiresome fluff here, no clunky writing, just well written page turning story. While reading, I couldn't imagine how the story would end and couldn't wait to find out. My only criticism, such as it is, is that I would have loved to hear more of the backstory; maybe we'll get a prequel someday? A sequel? A series? What can I say, loving a book makes me greedy for more.

TL/DR: Highly recommended. :)

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