Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Redbreast - Jo Nesbø (Spoilers?)

The third book in the Harry Hole series is a corker - it was very entertaining. There were 2 parallel stories that intersected - one in the past and one in the present - and I liked the way the stories came together in the end. It was fitting that during a huge snowstorm, I was reading a book where Inspector* Hole (mostly) stays put in Oslo for once. I haven't been to Oslo (yet) but it was helpful to imagine it while snow was falling, especially since there were a lot of winter scenes in the book. I will say that Part Five was very touching and well done, and I liked the way it was handled overall, giving us exposition while also giving us an emotional wallop.

I still like Hole; sometimes he is hard to like and sometimes it's just circumstances that happen to cause others around him to have bad things happen to them that reflect poorly on him in a way and make me feel bad for the people close to him on his behalf. Does that make any sense?? I doubt it, sorry. Just assume I've had a long evening at Schrøders, ha ha ha. 

In any case, if you like suspense novels, murder mysteries, and etc., you should like this series.

*I think I inadvertently gave Hole a promotion in my last review - in any case it's all good now

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