Sunday, December 29, 2013

Harlem Renaissance Reading Challenge

2014 Harlem Renaissance Reading Challenge

I can't resist this challenge, hosted by Dusky Literati! I scoured the TBR Pile and unfortunately didn't see any books that would qualify, so I'm sort of breaking my own ban against reading books I don't already have around, but this is such a great opportunity to explore writers that I already like (e.g., Langston Hughes) and discover new-to-me authors as well. I am going to sign up for the lowest possible level for this year, and commit to a single book, only because of the other 2 challenges I have already signed up for, etc. I might have to put this one off for a couple months too, to ensure I chip away a bit at Mount TBR before  I go nuts at the library (or, bank account forbid, the book store!). The challenge is flexible if you read more, which I do hope to do, so that will work for me. You can sign up any time between now and next November, so go sign up and leave me a comment when you do. Should be a fun challenge, I'm looking forward to it!

1. Mule Bone - Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes
2. My Soul's High Song - Countee Cullen
3. Not Without Laughter - Langston Hughes

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