Friday, March 7, 2014

Book Blogger Hop

Hello everyone, and Happy Hop Day! Welcome to my blog.

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Here's this week's question:

Do you have a schedule set for blogging and reading time? Or do you not have a set time and just let it happen?

My response:

I have been struggling to set aside some dedicated reading time since the new year, with limited success. At the end of December I had all these big plans to set up a more dedicated schedule, but it hasn't worked, for many reasons, but I think the main one has been laziness :(

In general, I don't blog on a regular schedule, I just add my review whenever I happen to finish a book. I do post a wrap-up post each month where I take stock of my progress for that month and set goals for the next month's reading (which I may or may not reach, but that's another blog post!). I try to participate in these hops regularly, as I enjoy them and I enjoy seeing other book blogs, but I can't even manage to do that every week.

Are you more disciplined than I am? Any suggestions, tips, and tricks are most welcome in the comments! :)


  1. I am crazy busy and I have to schedule EVERYTHING to make sure they will happen. Granted laziness is there too and I have found myself reworking my schedule more than once or twice a month/week. LOL!

  2. I only dream of sticking to a schedule but usually just end up blogging and reading as and when time permits..:)
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  3. Weirdly setting a schedule for blogging did help me but I really couldn't do that until I figured out what time of day was best for me to write. My tip would be to find the time of day when you feel most inspired, you might be more up to posting more or doing a memes that way or even reading. However, remember that blogging and reading are supposed to be fun so I shouldn't matter how often you do it as long as it makes you happy. Just my thoughts. Thanks for following. Keep it shiny!

  4. Wish I could offer some sage advice, but i'm sure you remember I didn't have any for myself, lol.

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  5. I am pretty disciplined when it comes to being on time with reviews, but I don't have set times for blogging and reading. Read my full answer below.

    Happy Hopping!!

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