Monday, March 24, 2014

Ghana Must Go - Taiye Selasi

Stumbled on this book and was drawn to the title for 2 reasons - I had an acquaintance in college who was originally from Ghana, and I could use this book for my ongoing Planet Earth Challenge. I really liked the way the author was able to show how family behavioral patterns can repeat themselves across generations. I also admired her ability to show how the actions of one family member can cause issues that ripple through time. At times the writing got a little too close to what this awesome article calls out as pretentious, but the story kept me reading and I wanted all the characters to get some kind of happiness or resolution.

In reality, I am not sure that 75% of the book took place in Ghana, so right now I am wavering about whether to include it in the challenge or not; since I'd say at least 50% did, I might include it for now and then replace it if I find a book that adheres more closely to my challenge criterion.

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