Friday, March 14, 2014

The Burning - Jane Casey

Readers, I have a problem. It seems I can't resist the offer of a "read now" selection on NetGalley that sounds intriguing. Despite my huge TBR pile, after reading the NetGalley email description I downloaded this book on a whim, and now I have a problem - it's part of a series and I am hooked!

This was a great read. I immediately took to the character of DC Maeve Kerrigan, as well as many of the other characters that I look forward to seeing in the next books in this series (two of which are already available, thank goodness, and one more coming very soon). The first chapter hooked me and I had a tough time putting the book down once I started. This was an intriguing mystery (or two) well told, and I loved reading a crime novel from a UK point of view, as I have loved many UK-based police shows such as the fantastic Prime Suspect series, starring the fantastic Helen Mirren. This is another series I could easily see making a great TV show - I'll start checking the BBC America schedule regularly. If you're a fan of well done crime/mystery fiction, or just looking for a new series to get hooked on, try this one. Recommended.

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