Thursday, June 30, 2011

June - This Month in Reading

It's hard to believe I have been at this for six months!

At the end of May, I needed to read the last four Harry Potter books, plus read at least three books with the theme of "fight or flight" to get the full points for a Hogwarts Challenge mini-challenge - I had to try my best for Hufflepuff!  I managed both of these things, and in the end I have a total of 354 points for the challenge, which ends tonight. Special thanks to Bunnitaz for hosting this fun challenge! I know I didn't get a ton of points compared to some people who entered the challenge, and of course I would have liked to read more, but I did my best and all I can do is hope that we at least come in second to Slytherin, since they win at any cost :) 

I had banned the library for the month of June but then a couple books I had put on hold ages ago came in, so I went ahead and borrowed some others. (Yes, I am addicted.) I also discovered NetGalley, and got a bunch of interesting looking books, some of which I have already read and raved about in an embarrassing fashion (and I can hardly wait for September to purchase a "hard" copy of this book - on top of the holiday shopping that has now been 100% simplified for all my book loving pals - come on autumn, my favorite season!). So despite a slow start to June because of some out-of-town guests at the beginning of the month, I managed to read a respectable  23 books this month. Whew! 

For July, I am going to have a special reading theme, and it's been killing me to keep it a secret this long! All will be revealed first thing tomorrow. I still have hope of forcing Mr. K into a guest blog post about the first book(s) I chose for him since April 1 tonight, so you never know, June might not be over yet!

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