Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stranger Room - Frederick Ramsay

I always think it's a shame when an author thanks their proofreader/copy editor at the beginning of a book and I then find hundreds of errors that should have been easily caught by that person. I wish I had been the copy editor here, I am not perfect but for Pete's sake, I would have made sure the characters' names were consistently spelled properly, for one thing. There are also places where I would have liked to smooth out the writing slightly - trim a word here and there, etc. So not the most elegantly written series, but serviceable books with decent mysteries, and I still enjoy the books overall.

This book series would actually make a great short-run TV series. They could call it "Picketsville" and then each season could be one of the books, consisting of about 10 - 13 episodes. Hollywood can't seem to come up with too many better ideas, so they can have that one for free, although I wouldn't say no to an "Executive Producer" credit, ha ha.

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