Friday, September 16, 2011

Miss Library Lady - Ann McLelland Pfaender

Talk about a forgotten treasure - I think this book is the definition all around. I found it on the Library Sale shelves and was immediately drawn to it, as I love vintage children's books and have a small collection that I shouldn't have, but can't resist having. Then I opened it and saw "DISCARD" written inside and I felt terrible! Seeing a book that was discarded from a library (in this case from a school library) makes me feel so sad! I know that realistically no library can keep a copy of every book ever published, and that older books are not necessarily of interest to kids (and this book was originally published in 1954), etc. etc., but still.... I hate to see a forgotten and neglected book. It makes me wonder about the book - was this some kid's favorite book? Did some child become a librarian because of reading this book? It was obviously read, as it has dog-eared pages and etc., so somebody must have enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it myself, it was a pleasant, light story that went in an unexpected direction that was still enjoyable. It's funny how much the books from this era give one the feeling of nostalgia for a simpler time that probably never really existed. It's nice to visit it for a short time in books though.

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