Friday, September 30, 2011

September - This Month in Reading

Dear readers, this month it is time for some confessions. :-( 

Confession 1 - Remember back in January when one of my goals was to read the books I had lying around, and thereby declutter as well as read? Well, I'm sure you have noticed that I am an incurable cheap-book buyer, and I have a tendency to take a chance on a cheap book. So all along, I have been taking in random 50 cent Library Sale books here and there, which I shouldn't have done, but in the words of Oscar Wilde, "I can resist anything but temptation." So I have to confess that more books have been coming in than going out. Sigh. 

which brings me to.....

Confession 2 - I kind of went nuts during the last days of Borders closing. Like, I had a totebag stuffed full of books and my arms full of books and couldn't stop grabbing them nuts. But this was during the very last days, when all books (what was left there, anyway) were $1 or less (all books were either 90% off or $1, so if a book was originally 5.99,  a buyer paid 60 cents; if a book was originally $10 or more, a buyer paid $1). Seriously, how could I resist that???? In 2 days I brought home about 75 books. On the plus side, I will not need to go to the library any time soon.... and I didn't break the bank or anything. And many (if not all) of these books will be donated to a good cause once I have read them, so they will be read and enjoyed (I hope) by many others. But yeah, it was a little nutty. 

Confession 3 - this is probably something of a let down after that last one, but this month I officially invoked the "Life's Too Short" Principle and gave up on a book. I don't like to do that, and I make every effort to finish a book I've started, but this one just got me at the wrong time and it is making me twitch with irritation on every page, so I think it's best for my blood pressure and sanity if I just give it up and set it free to find a reader that appreciates it. Because of Confessions 1 and 2 I have too many other books waiting to be read and I can't justify slogging through something annoying instead of reading one of the bazillion books I have accumulated. 

Now on to the positive stuff! 

I didn't get to read as much as I wanted to this month, but I did read a total of 15 books, so I was OK with that. I had also set a goal of trying to read one book for every challenge, and I did not quite make that goal but I came close, reading at least 1 book for each challenge except the Haruki Murakami Challenge. I did manage to stay away from the library, which was good. I am still behind on the War and Peace Challenge but I did get a little father ahead, so there is hope. 

One positive result of my Borders spree is that it made me feel conscious of the books that are already on the designated to-be-read shelves, so many of my reads this month were from those books, and I feel good about finally getting through some of those books. 

For October, aside from enjoying autumn/fall at all times, I would like to read more than 15 books, read at least one book for each challenge, and catch up on War and Peace, no ifs, ands, or buts. I am going to create a separate post to use to keep track of the challenge reading for October, as that seems to work well for me. 

How was your reading for September?

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