Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Blogger Hop/Follow Friday

Another Friday means more blog hopping/following goodness! If you're a first time visitor, welcome! My reviews are deliberately short because I try to avoid spoilers and giving away too much about the books I read whenever I can. I love to read and will read anything interesting and I'm always looking for recommendations of good books! If you've visited here before, welcome back and thanks for stopping by! :)

Book Blogger Hop

This week's question is perfect for me!

“What are you most looking forward to this fall/autumn season – A particular book release? Halloween? The leaves changing color? Cooler temperatures? A vacation? (If your next season is other than fall/autumn, tell us about it and what you are most looking forward to in your part of the world!)”

My response: ALL OF THE ABOVE!! As I have mentioned before many times, in fact in the last post I made, autumn (fall) is my very favorite season. I truly love everything about it! I love the cooler temperatures (summer is too hot for me), I love wearing sweaters and jackets and the beautiful mittens/gloves my pal E.D. has made me, I love the beautiful fall colors, I love to see the trees with their incredible red, yellow, orange, and gold leaves. I am a little bit obsessed with pumpkins and I love going to an actual pumpkin patch to pick some out for jack-o-lanterns around Halloween, and I adore Halloween (although I don't usually dress up and go out, which is sad because every year I want to!). I'm also a little obsessed with acorns and they are all over the place in fall and that makes me really happy. My favorite national holiday is Thanksgiving and that's coming up soon now. I'm also planning a vacation for later this fall, but I don't want to talk about it in case I jinx it, as the planning has been going very slowly :)

In a book-related fall happening, I can't wait to get a real copy of Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman on September 6 (just a few days away!). I LOVED this book when I found it on NetGalley and I'm dying to get a real copy so I can read it again. If you are a fan of the paranormal you might love this book too, you should check it out!

This week's question:

If you could change the ending of any book (or series), which book would you choose? Why and to what?

My spoiler-free response: I'd change the ending of The Kite Runner - not so much what happens, but I'd cut the book short. I think the book goes on a bit too long and it would work better as an ending if it were cut shorter. I wouldn't make the ending "happier," just stop the story at what I think is a more natural point.


  1. I keep meaning to see the movie of that. Perhaps I should just read the book instead? :)

    New follower!

  2. I can't say that I've heard of The Kite Runner too much, but it has been popping up on my radar lately. It must be hard for authors sometimes to stop before they feel their characters have really gotten their 'perfect ending'.

    Fall is hard, because I dislike Fall, but I love everything that happens during it. If I could just somehow transfer all of the fun fall events to Spring, it'd be my favorite mutant season of all time. Like maybe the leaves could change color backwards?

  3. Hi, I'm Izzy and I'm stopping by for Follow Friday! I read "The Kite Runner" and fell in love with it, but it was too long ago for me to clearly remember the ending.

    Izzy @ My Words Ate Me

  4. Autumn is my favorite season also.

    Heres my FF if you wanna check it out:


  5. Hey, I'm a new follower! :)

    I haven't read The Kite Runner before.

    Happy Friday!

    Scarlet Letters

  6. I agree with your view on the kite runner. New follwer from the follow friday :) I started my blog this year as well, and with a reading challenge that i'm behind on. Ah, yay for fall and cozy couches and books and hot chocolate.

  7. I love The Kite Runner. It's one of my favorite books!

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  8. I love fall as well, pretty much for all of the above too. Although there's not a vacation in my future. Oh well.

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  9. I love all the same things about Fall and Sept 6th is my anniversary! Happy reading this weekennd.

  10. I loved the Kite Runner, it was so sad!!!

    Awesome post, new follower:D

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  11. I love wearing sweaters and jackets too. I am definitely ready for cooler weather!

  12. Hopping through. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving too! I love the food, the family, and the fall atmosphere.
    My Hop

  13. New follower! I heard the Kite Runner is an amazing book. I am going to read it this year for AP Lit. I hope I enjoy it too!


  14. Hopping by to say hi! I'm also a lover of the fall season (and I like acorns, too!). :)

  15. I am a new follower!
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  16. That's good because happy endings can sometimes be highly over-rated. Thanks for checking out my blog!