Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November - This Month in Reading

November turned out to be a spectacular month for me. I even managed to get a decent amount of reading done! For the first time (I think), I managed to fulfill all the goals I had set for myself at the end of October. I am more or less caught up with my challenges (with exceptions noted below) and I managed to read a respectable 16 books this month - I am pleased with this progress.

For December, I need to concentrate on wrapping up all the remaining challenges I have for 2011:

  • Finish War and Peace right on schedule - I'm on target for this - read last chapter Dec. 30 - Challenge Completed!
  • Read the last 2 books for the TBR Pile Challenge (and if possible read the alternates too) - 1 read as of Dec. 8/2 read as of Dec. 26 - Challenge Completed!
  • Read the last 2 books to complete Level 3 (the bonus level) of the Forgotten Treasures Challenge - I have 2 on hand, should be easy - 1 read as of Dec. 3/2 read as of Dec. 6 - Challenge Completed!
  • Read the "Red" and "Yellow" books to complete the Color Coded Reading Challenge - on hand, ready to read - 1 read as of Dec. 3/2 read as of Dec. 6 - Challenge Completed! 
  • Read at least 2 books to reach 15 books in the GLBT Reading Challenge - I put 4 books on hold at the library and 2 came in today, so I will definitely make this, but I'd prefer to read all 4 to ensure that I have 15 different authors in total - 1 read as of Dec. 3/2 read as of Dec. 10/3 read as of Dec. 30/4 read as of Dec. 31 - Challenge Completed!
  • Somehow read 5 books for the Read Outside Your Comfort Zone Challenge - I fell behind here, and I would really like to catch up. I have some books around that can apply, but getting to 5 books might be pushing things. I will try, however!
  • Read the last book for the Haruki Murakami Challenge - luckily I signed up for only 3 books for this challenge. I don't think I will get to 1Q84, which is too bad, so I will either have to hit the library for one of the few other books of his I haven't managed to read yet, or else do a reread of one of the many books I have on hand as a last resort - 1 read as of Dec. 11 - Challenge Completed!

So there you have it - adding up this list, I need to read a total of 16 books (not counting War and Peace, of course) to fulfill these challenges as I'd like them to be fulfilled. Might not be easy with the holiday madness that often takes over December, but I am going to try - wish me luck!

How are you doing with your 2011 challenges?

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