Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Inferno - Dante

I know Dante has a last name, but most people seem to call him by his first name only, so I will too. Another classic book I can't believe I haven't read until now. I have to mention the translator, John Ciardi, since I think he did a wonderful job. Dante very vividly describes his vision of Hell, and of the punishments therein for those who apparently deserve them. I sometimes like to think that this type of afterlife punishment does happen, as of course it makes one feel better to think that horrible people who seem to get away with, and even prosper by, their horrible words and deeds, will get some kind of punishment at some time. The more rational part of me knows it isn't so, but it's still strangely satisfying to think of Dante scribbling his poetry and picturing his enemies bitterly regretting their earthly misdeeds at length.

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  1. I love Dante :) Looking forward to a re-read, this time with a different translation. I think Inferno is definitely the best of the three!