Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December - This Month in Reading

This was a completely nutty month in reading for me. At the end of November, I realized that I had to read more than 20 books to complete the Mount TBR Reading Challenge. Since I started this blog in 2011, I've always completed each challenge I've joined, so I rallied and I read a total of 27 books this month, which I think is a record for me.

Speaking of reading challenges, in reading these 27 books, I completed the Mount TBR Challenge and read all 14 books (the main 12 plus the 2 alternates) for the TBR Pile Challenge, which is another first. Amazing!

For January, I would like to read one book for each challenge I signed up for for 2015 so as to stay on track. I already have 2 non-challenge books I will have to complete too, so I'm hoping for an overall total of 10 books. I think I can manage.

How was your December reading?

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