Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sacred Games - Vikram Chandra

Reader, I feel like I have spent the last few days in Mumbai and have only now come back - and I'm not sure I'm ready to return. What an amazing sprawl this book is. There are so many stories here that all seem to intertwine somehow, someway. The writing was of that hypnotic type that creates vivid imagery in my mind as I read, like some grand film playing only for me. I felt compelled to read and I hated to put the book down. Sorry that this review is even more jumbled than usual but I'm still processing the scope of this amazing story. I will have to get to the author's other books as soon as I defeat the TBR pile. Recommended.

With this book finished, I have now completed the Mount TBR Challenge - hooray! The view from the top of "Mount Kilimanjaro" is wonderful :) I have cleared a mind boggling 60 books from my TBR pile this year, and it's finally looking like it will someday be cleared for good - which is kind of shocking, but in a good way. I'll be participating in this challenge again for 2015, and I think I'll repeat this climb, although I will try to keep a steadier pace. :S Or maybe I should just envision a slow and steady descent from the peak?

In related news, I have now completely completed (sorry, but it's true - read on!) the TBR Pile Challenge for 2014 - I have now read all 12 of the 12 main books, plus both of the alternate books, a feat I have never yet managed - wahoo! So I will go ahead and plant the flag of this challenge on top of the mountain while I am here jumping up and down and celebrating.

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