Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - This Year in Reading

This wasn't a bad reading year - I managed to read a total of 121 books, which is a respectable number all things considered. Without any further ado, here are some of the things that went well this year:

- I finished all my challenges
- I did well with working on my challenges earlier in the year, so there wasn't as much of a sprint to the finish line as there has been in the past
- I found some great new series that I like, that I look forward to continuing to read next year

And here are some things that need improvement:

- Although I did well with finishing some of my challenges earlier in the year, rather than waiting until the last minute, I did have to do the usual last minute catching up, and I'd rather not do that again
- My reading pace varied too wildly; I'd like to keep up a more steady stream of reading rather than having a "feast or famine" approach
- Summer reading was slow - not sure why; I'd like to keep up on this in the coming summer
- Lack of proper planning meant that I didn't get bingo in French Bingo
- I stopped grabbing books from the Library Sale shelves as often as in the past, but I still dragged home a few too many, meaning that even though I cleared 60 books from this pile again thanks to the Mount TBR Challenge, the overall amount didn't go down as much as I might have liked
- Although I joined a lot of challenges and completed them, and enjoyed doing so, I didn't interact with the challenge hosts and the other participants. I'm not good about that and I'd like to work on getting better at that in the coming year

So here are some goals for 2017:

- Rethink some challenges, and focus on my favorites and those that help me with the TBR pile
- Keep up my reading momentum
- Work on completing challenges early in the year again
- Interact more with the challenges I do take on
- Read more than 121 books

So there you have it! While I'm looking forward to reading as usual, to be honest, I am not feeling very optimistic about the future these days, readers. But in any case, I wish all of you all the best in 2017.

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