Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Woman Who Died a Lot - Jasper Fforde (Spoilers)

So I have finally caught up with the Thursday Next series! Despite being published in 2012, this book is new to me in that I've had it on my TBR Pile for quite a while, because I wanted to reread the entire series before I read it. I felt guilty about rereading a large number of books with such a big TBR pile waiting to be read, but I got around that by joining the Read It Again, Sam Challenge, so that I had to reread books. And voilà!

After the last installment, which was basically all set in the Book World, this one was a let down in that it all takes place in the "real world" within the series. I did like the way the story developed, though, and how the author has brought several past story threads together, resolving a couple that were a big relief to me, while leaving others open for more books. In fact, at the end of this book, another is promised, so we'll see. All in all I can still say I am a fan and that this series is a real favorite.

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