Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Reread 9 - Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher

I am utterly heartbroken that Carrie Fisher died yesterday. I can't even tell you what the original Star Wars meant to me. I thought Princess Leia was so beautiful, and she was such a refreshing change from the usual screaming meemie damsels in distress. I wanted to be that sassy and brave and savvy and smart! Still do, as a matter of fact, ha ha.

As my last official reread in 2016, I wanted to honor the author, who happened to be very sassy and brave and savvy and smart in real life, and a talented writer to boot. This book is a written format of a stage show of the same name, and is a sort of Cliffs Notes version of the author's life, including her Hollywood royalty family, her own acting career, her writing career, and her struggles with addiction and with mental illness. It's a fresh, funny, breezy read that is also frank and not sugar coated. I can't believe we have lost such a talent. At least we will always have her works to call on.

ETA: I just heard her mother, Debbie Reynolds, has died today - I am in shock.

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