Friday, December 16, 2016

Hector and the Secrets of Love - François Lelord

Found this book during the Borders Last Days Sale frenzy and it joined the zillion (well, it seemed like a zillion at the time!) other books on my TBR shelves, where it's been sadly gathering dust until I finally got it read. Hooray!

Like its predecessor, this book is a light take on the nature of love and how humans process it. From time to time it strayed a little too far into the whole silly "Mars/Venus" thing in my opinion. And I found it interesting that the overall take on romantic love seemed to be what we think of as sort of "Continental" if not specifically "French" - namely that people maybe aren't necessarily meant to be 100000% monogamous, and that feelings can wax and wane at various points in one's life, etc. All in all this is a fast read but it wasn't as thought-provoking as I think it's meant to be. I know there is a third book, so I might get around to reading that sometime just for the sake of completing the series.

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