Friday, December 23, 2016

December Reread 5 - Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery

I read this book ages and ages ago, although strangely enough, not as a child - I was a young adult. Then I found this copy on the Library Sale shelves and I've been intending to reread it ever since. And of course, as usual, time is running out for me to complete 2 of my reading challenges, so no time like the present! :)

What can I say about this book - it's charming. Anne is at times annoying, to be honest, but her heart is pure and she is a sympathetic character. Even when she is at her most exasperating she is also lovable, and you so want her to be happy and to realize her dreams.

For its age (100+ years) there are parts of the book that are not too dated, which is refreshing. Something I found to be strange was that "children" of 12 were seen as children, but 16 year olds were old enough to teach school. Nowadays, it seems like 12 year olds are all going on 21, but teaching school at 16 is unheard of, outside of the rare genius who might teach a college level class in physics or something.

In summary, this is a charming classic book with an unforgettable main character.

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