Monday, December 19, 2016

December Reread 4 - Ethan Frome - Edith Wharton

Do you ever feel certain that you read a book a long time ago, most likely in school, but you can't conclusively remember if you read it or not? No? It's just me? Sigh. Having a bad memory can be a real trial sometimes.

So it is with this book. I would swear up and down that I read this book in school - high school or college - but even as I was reading nothing came back to me. Ah well, I am going to assume that I did read it all those years ago and go from there.

This book is really short, and it's a deceptively easy and quick read, but it is a really well done story. In fact it reminds me of Anna Karenina in the foreshadowing, and the repetition of events. I feel like the protagonist makes the same mistake over and over. It also feels very "Russian" to me in that events seem to be inevitable, and seem to close in on the main characters.

This is definitely a good read for December, as much of it takes place in a New England winter, back when one could count on lots of snow and ice and cold temperatures. None of that is evident where I happen to be, but the written descriptions painted vivid images in my mind and that helped.

All in all this is a classic book that deserves this title. Recommended.

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