Sunday, January 25, 2015

Michael Tolliver Lives - Armistead Maupin

Having just read the previous book in this series, which was published in the late 1980s, I can't imagine how anticipated this book, which was published in 2007, must have been. I can imagine so many Tales of the City fans freaking out when they heard that there would be another book after 20 years - I know I would have been totally excited.

And I don't think this book would have let any of those fans down. It's a departure from those books, being a first-person narrative that focuses on a single character, but aside from that what really struck me was the difference in how frank and open the book was compared to the books that were published decades earlier. So much has changed since the 6th installment in the 80s - and that is reflected in this book. We get updates on what has transpired in the past 20 years - the good and the bad - and it's really good to be back with these characters, who seem very real to me at this point. I can hardly wait to get to the next installment, which is part of my TBR Challenge list for this year. Recommended.

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