Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wynter #1 - Guy Hasson/Aron Elekes

This was a seriously striking sci-fi/dystopian comic. The storyline immediately drew me in, and it was complemented beautifully by the artwork. I don't read a lot of comics, because I love reading and they usually don't have enough words for me, but this one is a wonderful example of how to do a comic correctly: the comic format was perfect for this story, as the artwork enhances and helps tell the story, rather than just being an illustration. Much like Persepolis, I can't imagine this story being told in a traditional book format. And it's always nice to see a female protagonist with some spirit.

You can read this comic for free if you follow New Worlds Comics on Twitter, and I highly recommend that you do so! I am dying to see what happens next, so I'm going to check my book budget and grab the next couple installments. Recommended.

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