Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Reading Challenges

I just realized that I have been busily signing up for reading challenges left, right, and center, and I better make a master list of these challenges so I can see them all in one place, lest I forget one or something equally stupid. So this is a list of all the challenges I have signed up for so far in 2015, with links to my initial blog posts about the challenges, and the number of books I need to read to fulfill each challenge. Each linked blog post has the signup information for the challenge and my list of books that I have read for the challenge itself.

Back to the Classics Challenge - 12 classic books

Mount TBR Reading Challenge - 60 books from TBR Pile

Read It Again, Sam - 12 rereads

TBR Pile Challenge - 12 TBR Pile books with 2 alternates

Diversity on the Shelf Challenge - 7 - 12 books with diverse main characters

Color Coded Reading Challenge - 9 books with color in the title or on the cover

Books in Translation Reading Challenge - 10 - 12 books translated from another language

Banned Books Challenge - 3 - 5 books that have been banned or challenged

French Bingo 2015 - minimum of 5 books to get Bingo

LGBT Reading Challenge 2015 - 3 - 10 LGBT books

Harlem Renaissance Reading Challenge - 6 - 10 books by Harlem Renaissance authors, or about the Harlem Renaissance

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